A good friend once told us everyone has a story waiting to be told.  So maybe it follows that every church has a story waiting to be told as well.  If you clicked on this page, you must want to hear ours.  In September of 2008, we were driving in the car to Wisconsin Dells having a conversation about the lottery.  Suddenly, God birthed a dream for church planting in our hearts.  (You might be wondering about the connection between the lottery and church planting.  Just think of the question, “What would you do if you had a million dollars?"  Our answer – oddly enough – was start a church.)  This was an unexpected and slightly bizarre dream and we spent weeks after our trip praying and talking about whether we were actually prompted by God or just tired of our own lives.  Little by little, we began to feel less and less comfortable with our current life situation and more convinced that this was what God wanted us to do.  The question then became where?  We prayed about this too and felt strongly that God was shouting at us – Mequon, Wisconsin, in the heart of the North Shore region.  Years later, here we are.  We’re two unlikely people following a slightly crazy dream put in our hearts by a loving God in a region that doesn’t really seem to want or need another church.  But we believe that when something looks a little impractical – maybe even mildly impossible – that’s when God does His best work. 


In October of 2018, eight years after our official church birthday, God began to write a new chapter in our story.  Presented with the opportunity to adopt a beautiful church family in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, we said yes.  In January of 2019, North Shore Assembly and Immanuel Church became one church in two locations, Mequon and Milwaukee.  We are unbelievably excited to see what God has in store for this new multi-site adventure! 


Our passion and our purpose are simple – love God, build community and serve others.  At NSA we value preaching from the Bible that is relevant to your life, authentic community, vibrant worship (which means it might be a little loud if you’re sitting in the front), fervent prayer, viral growth (individually and as a church, we want our growth to be contagious!), active faith, an atmosphere of energy and expectation and expressing our love for God through the arts.

We are all individuals writing our own stories.  But life is significantly more interesting when our own stories intersect with God’s story and with each other’s.  Whatever chapter of your life you might be in at the moment, we want you to know you are welcome at North Shore Assembly.

Pastor Lisa & Herb

Sunday Services

8:30 am | The Big Red Church | 935 W Wisconsin Avenue | Milwaukee, Wisconsin

10:00 am | Range Line School | 11040 N Range Line Road | Mequon, Wisconsin

(262) 339-7897 | info@nsamequon.com